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Teen Titans #59

Posted by jadecanary on June 2, 2008






Dark Dealings
Terror Titans Part 3
The Dark Side Club Tie-In
by Sean McKeever (w)
Eddy Barrows (p)
and Ruy Jose (i)


Previously in Teen Titans…

Kid Devil pissed off the Teen Titans by inviting “Kid Devil groupees” to Titans Tower, and they trashed the place. Kid Devil ended up making a friend out of the mess, but he ended up being Dreadbolt of the Terror Titans. They captured the little red devil, and later Miss Martian. They tried to get Ravager, but she escaped, and the Terror Titans believe her dead.

In this issue, we learn who the Terror Titans are working for, Boss Dark Side. He is going to pay the new Clock King a huge some of money for the Teen Titans. In the meantime, the remaining Titans: Robin, Wonder Girl and the not-really-a-member Blue Beetle, search for Ravager. They deem she is not dead. Tim figures out Clock King’s pocketwatch he left behind and discovers a holographic message to him. C-King directs the heroes to a abandoned church with a clock tower.

Meanwhile, Miss Martian is forced to defend herself against Kid Devil, who has been altered to fight by Granny Goodness’ “love”. She talks to a former Doom Patroler named Fever through the cell wall. Fever says the supplements Granny provides protects the heroes from themselves, and she sometimes gives them vitamins to make them strong. Then some of Dark Side’s Elite drag Red Devil out of the cell to fight former Superboy enemy/friend Hardrock.

Finally, Clock King takes on Robin 1-on-1. As C-King kicks his butt, he explains to Robin that he lives in a perpetual state of precognition. He beats Robin to every move, eventually stabbing Robin with his own Batarang. The issue ends with C-King about to finish Robin off.

I’m just going to say it now, Sean McKeever has ruined the Teen Titans. This book started with the Morrison-JLA concept: only the big names. Now we have a team featuring Robin (at least a Bat-boy is still running the team), Wonder Girl (this is the only thing her character has), Ravager, Miss Martian, Kid Devil and Blue Beetle.

Vering off course for a minute. Why is Blue Beetle here? He has a successful comic, he doesn’t need this book dragging him down. Mckeever, since joining the book, has gone out of his way saying Beetle isn’t a member. But he’s in every issue. Why is he here? He’s here to generate readers becuse TEEN TITANS SUCKS NOW!

Where was I? So the roster isn’t even a shade of what it once was. Hell, they had to start a whole new book with the big names of Titans lore. McKeever kicks Supergirl off the team, and the worst way possible (Wonder Girl: “Look, Kara, I’m only your friend because I wanted Superboy back. I’m over that. You’re out of the Teen Titans.”). The two story arcs the McKeever has done feature the Titans of Tomorrow (Geoff Johns did that one already) and the Terror Titans (I liked it better when it was called Teen Titans East and Deathstroke ran the team). And speaking of Slade’s Titans East, where the hell is Jericho!? Last we saw, he was inhabiting Match’s body. Now he’s just gone? Ugh.

Even as a “Dark Side Club” tie-in, this is not a good run over all. The constant team conflict is disinteresting and the “allways fighting other Titan teams” is getting old. I’m close to dropping the book.

By the way, the art is good.



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