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Supergirl #30

Posted by jadecanary on June 8, 2008

by Will Pfeifer
and Ron Randall

…I like to take a look at a planet that’s not exploding.

Do I have to? Really? If I do, I’m going to go off! Are you sure? Okay, I warned you…

What is this crap DC is printing? SUPERGIRL has been directionless for a year now. All we get is the constant “boo-hoo, I don’t know my place in this world. I’m not Superman, who am I? boo-hoo” OH MY GOD GET OVER IT ALREADY!

SUPERGIRL #30is no exception. The book boo-hoos out of the gate with Kara floating over the planet. Then she takes out Livewire (in what should of taken 2 panels) over the course of 4 pages. Then She goes and talks to Batman. It becomes obvious that Kara and Bruce have more in common then Kara and Clark.

Kara heads to the Antarctic looking for her spaceship. But she doesn’t find any crystals like her little cousin has. Boo-Hoo. Then she flies off to meet with Johnathan Kent. Is the soul searching ever going to end? Then she ends her visit to Kal-El’s Freezer of Solitude in the Arctic. She turns on the Marlon Brando head and learns she was crucial to the kids escape because she kept Kal-El out of their hair while getting ready. The End.

WTF!? This book sucks! Hell, I don’t even know who is the regular writer is anymore. Will Pfeifer tells a cute story, but this isn’t going to drive up readership. Whenever I read a floundering book focused on a cornerstone of the DC Universe, I think back to the Mark Waid model when he first jumped aboard THE FLASH. First four issues, bi-weekly, origin of Wally West. Insert minor continuity changes here. Book Five, insert long-term girlfriend. Waid’s fifth issue introduced us to Linda Park, the future mother to the Flash Twins. Within a year, the hero focuses on what’s holding him back. The Return of Barry Allen saga happened not long after the Wally reset, where Eobard Thawne, the greatest Barry Allen fan in history travels back in time, reads about his murder at the hand of his icon, then convinces himself he is Barry Allen. This fight released Wally West from the shadow of Barry Allen.

Supergirl needs a writer who can restart the engine. This character is young and full of potential, and that is why I haven’t dropped the book. We have some promise, though. From DC Nation #113…

When the events of SUPERMAN and ACTION started to cross over, the two of them became incredibly animated, conveying in incredible detail how Minor Event A in SUPES would impact Major Event B in ACTION—they were threading not just stories, but a true Superman franchise, a line where the books (along with SUPERGIRL and a special miniseries we’ve got cooking) would all be must-reads. We discussed just how Supergirl would fit into the picture (in no small way, thank you), where story threads would creep over into JLA and GREEN LANTERN, how the books would begin to connect more than they have the last couple of years… you get the idea. If the sky was the limit, then—nah, that’s too cheesy, even for me.

And, on the ComicBloc Forum, Supergirl has been added to the Geoff Johns forum section. What’s up with that? Don’t expect to see change right away, but expect to see change.


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  1. I would love to do a superman animation next…so hard to pick a year to choose from
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