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Jelly and Cheese: June 9, 2008

Posted by jadecanary on June 9, 2008

Fans of the original BENDING STEEL (includes my wife and my mom, among no others) will recognize a Jelly and Cheese title. The following is my pull-list from this week.

Trinity #1
Boys and Their Games…
by Kurt Busiek(w) and Mark Bagley(a)
In the Morrows to Come
by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza (w),
Scott Mcdaniel (p) and Andy Owens (i)

One down, 51 to go…

Your typical first issue. Clark, Bruce and Diana have a dream. They talk about it. They leave. Something happens. Cliffhanger. You didn’t miss much. Nice to see The Flash and his kids make an appearance.

In the backstory, the villians start to get together. They had dreams too. Evil Laugh. End.

I like Busiek’s run on Superman. Can he handle the Big 3 in one weekly book? 4/5

Justice Society of America #16
He Came, and Salvation With Him
One World, Under Gog Part One
Alex Ross and Geoff Johns (w),
Fernando Pasarin (p),
and Rebecca Buchman (i)

“I come in peace.”

Yeah, and Soylent Green wasn’t people. Welcome to Earth, Gog, the last of the Third Worlders. Yes, let’s kill off the Fourth World to make way for the Fifth, but create an all-new Third Worlder and confuse the crap out of me. It doesn’t matter, because he says he’s a good guy, no matter what Superman-22 thinks. Why a 22 after Superman’s name? Because he is the Superman from the criticly-acclaimed Kingdom Come mini-series (a new Absoulte addition is coming soon), recogniozed in the new multi-versal order as Earth-22. Supes-22 had his own Magog, and he thinks New Earth will eventually get a Magog from this Gog god. Anyway, Gog proves he’s a good guy when he fixes Damage’s face. And, on a side note, Black Adam is back, and he kills a man.

Good issue, no action. Yep, we’re back to peace without violence. Except for Black Adam. 5/5

Nightwing #145
Part 6
by Peter Tomasi (w),
Rags Morales (p),
and Michael Blair (i)

“Comissioner Gordon on the emergency line. Our Mr. Kase, otherwise known as Ra’s Al Ghul, has escaped. There are fatalities.”

Peter Tomasi has revived Nightwing. I only wished I had read the whole thing together as a trade paperback, or a hardcover. This book is good. I’ll go over the story more at the conclusion of the arc. The other important thing is it only took Ra’s a few months to get out of Arkham. The Black Glove, Hush, and Ra’s Al Ghul on your butt, Batman your screwed. Betcha wish you only had Bane to deal with. 4/5

Rann-Thanagar: Holy War #2
Seek And Ye Shall Find
by Jim Starlin (w),
Ron Lim (p)
and Rob Hunter (i)

“…the war you have raging has made tourism a tad difficult.”

Adam Strange. Starfire. Animal Man. Hawkman. Comet. The Weird. Starman. Tigorr. And Bizarro. I only wish this was the Justice League. This ban of sci-fi b-list superheroes have made for several great miniseries. Holy War is no exception. More on this series later. 4/5

Robin/Spoiler Special #1

Haven’t read it. I’m scared that I’ll find out Superboy-Prime punched a wall in time. Guess I should just suck it up and read it. After all, I did buy it.


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